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Hospitals and Emergency Medical Care.

You may remember reading or hearing in the news that Las Vegas was experiencing a crisis in our health care providers and emergency medical services in Vegas were becoming substandard. In fact, our only class 1 trauma center was closed for a time due to the lack of emergency physicians. That was true a couple of years ago and we reported the problems within the medical community at that time. Most of those problems have been resolved and our hospitals are adequately staffed, our trauma center is always available and if you become ill or suffer an accident while vacationing here you will receive first rate medical attention regardless of the problem.

The medical community is well represented in the Las Vegas valley and can handle any medical situation you may present. We have a Class 1 trauma center located at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas and Sunrise Hospital recently received approval to build and staff another trauma center at their central facility. Quick care clinics are located throughout the city and there is at least one in a hotel on the strip. Your hotel can usually find a doctor that will make a house call to your room if you become ill during your vacation. You will never be far from a 911 response team while in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas fire department maintains emergency medical technicians and paramedics that respond to all 911 calls. Rest easy when in Vegas since we have all your medical needs covered. Visitors that have special medical needs should always bring any instructions or medical forms your doctor supplies and don’t forget to bring extra medications on your vacation. Bring extra meds in case of an accidental loss or to cover an extension of your stay.

The most common health problems our visitors face are a result of the readily available alcohol, overabundance of food, plentiful sunshine, intense summer heat, dehydrating dry air and twenty-four hour action. Combining these with the prevailing holiday atmosphere and it is easy to overtax our bodies. Most 911 calls to the strip are for visitors that have exceeded their physical limits. You can easily stay healthy and happy if you practice a little common sense and moderation. Don’t overindulge alcohol or food, drink plenty of liquids, use a sunscreen and set aside time to rest.