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Wynn Las Vegas Sues Craps Winners

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Wynn Las Vegas is suing two craps players that won $700,000 at the resort after claiming they were using a system of “dice sliding” to control the odds of winning.  The method involves holding one of the die with the six spots up, then sliding it across the table without hitting the backboard.  The second die is tossed as usual and rebounds off the backboard.

Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul of Argentina were arrested after authorities reveiwed the surveillance tape and apparently confirmed the sliding.  The method requires an incredible amount of practice to become competent at controlling the dice and as such is uncommon.  Even when done perfectly the act is easily detected and will include a second “player” to distract house staffers, usually a pretty lady showing an over abundance of cleavage.  The scam works best with inside help.

There’s an interesting sidenote to this story, both Leonard Fernandez and Veronica Dabul were Team Poker Stars professional players.  Fernandez has won more than a million dollars at major poker tournaments.

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